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Get Involved

Find out more about what we do and how you can join in!


What We Do

We do a lot of great stuff throughout the year, in support of the school’s goals and our JVF families. We organize initiatives ranging from in-school assemblies to family fun nights to fundraisers and book fairs. In addition, we provide support for teachers’ classroom requests, including A/V equipment, books, and other supplemental materials.

Some of our recent flagship initiatives include:

  • School Beautification: Creating a hallway mural with local artist Joe Pimentel and refreshing the playground pavement with colorful painted games and paths

  • Milestone Events: Welcoming new JVF families and celebrating those moving up to middle school

  • Teacher Appreciation: Organizing an annual teacher appreciation lunch

  • Family Fun Nights: Hosting activities for the whole family

  • Springfest: Outdoor family fun day with activities, music, and games

  • Gardening Programs: Running taste tests with Land to Learn

  • School Spirit: Participating in the Spirit of Beacon Day, promoting Spirit Weeks, and running spirit wear fundraisers

  • Student Support: Providing school supplies and funding support for field trips and other activities

  • Fundraisers and Community Drives: Raising money to help the school and organizing pantry and coat drives to help those in need

What We Do Anchor

Join the Fun!

Every member of the JVF community — across families and staff — is automatically a member of the PTSO. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, vote, suggest ideas, and pitch in with their talents and time! It’s fun and free to get involved — and our success depends on your help!

Maybe you’re a skilled designer or writer, or awesome at planning events. Maybe you’re an arts and crafts maven, or a digital guru. Or maybe you just like being involved and helping out in general. Whatever unique talents and interests you have, we’d love for you to join the fun of the PTSO!


Here are the top 3 reasons to get involved:

  • Meet other awesome families in the JVF community

  • Get to know and collaborate with JVF teachers and staff

  • Make a difference in our kids’ education and lives

How Can You Help Out?

You can run for a leadership position, but even without joining the board there are lots of ways to get involved! Click below to download our "10 Ways to Get Involved" flyer, or send us a message letting us know how you'd like to help!

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