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Congrats on an Amazing Read-A-Thon!

Way to go, Falcons! Thanks to students and families for all your hard work!

Congratulations JVF on wrapping up a super-successful Read-A-Thon! In total, our hard-working readers clocked over 116,000 minutes and raised over $6,000 in pledges that will help fund future literacy initiatives! Amazing!! Thank you to all JVF students and families for helping us surpass our goal!

Extra congrats to those students who read the most! The top reader in each grade will receive a prize bag along with a gift certificate to Ron's Ice Cream and awesome new books! The top three classes (ranked by average minutes read per student) — Mrs. Joyce's 1st grade class, Mrs. Tompkins's 4th grade class, and Mrs. Regg's 3rd grade class — will receive prize bags as well as a special popsicle party with Principal Wiggins this Friday afternoon! (Originally planned as a virtual dance party)

We hope everyone enjoyed the excuse to read lots of books! Keep it up this summer, and look out for another Read-A-Thon next year!

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