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JVF 2021 Yearbook Printing

The yearbook is out and it looks great! Thank you so much to Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Dinkins for spearheading it!

For anyone interested in a printed yearbook, click on the "Get It Printed" link at the top right of the yearbook page. There are two options:

  • To pay for a printed version, please Venmo $15 to @Jodi-McCredo, and include your child's name and homeroom teacher in the note. Jodi will send the yearbook to the school for distribution. If you don't have/feel comfortable with Venmo, please email or call 914-481-5209 and other arrangements can be made. The cost is $15 per yearbook.

  • For a printable PDF you can download and print at home for free, please email Sarah Coleman or Amy Dinkins and they will send you a link to download it.

As a reminder, please refrain from sharing the yearbook contents online, to protect the privacy of our students. Thanks!


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