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Outdoor Learning Spaces: Phase 1 Complete!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Our first batch of six sites is set up and ready for action, and we've gathered all the supplies and funds we need for Phase 1! A huge thank you to all our supporters! Read on for more details.

A Message from Principal Wiggins

Dear JVF Families,

I am excited about our PTSO efforts in supporting the exploration of Outdoor Learning Spaces at JVF. Teachers will now have the option to bring their class outside for fresh air in more comfortable spaces — these spaces can also be used for classroom reading time, outdoor learning lessons, and more! We took the time to ask teachers about their needs and also invited students to share their ideas. Although this year the focus is to have sites with basic necessities, such as seating and clipboards for students, next year it is my goal to build on this area and have more options for students to enjoy our beautiful grounds — this includes learning exploration as well as expanded play equipment and areas!

Principal Wiggins

Thank You to Our Volunteers

A huge thank you to all our amazing volunteers who helped us set up outdoor learning spaces! Monika, Dan, Valerie, Hayden, Wren, Ruta, and Heather (plus a handful of kid-size stump-testers) really made it happen! Thanks to the community for all the donated stumps (shout out to Monika, Jessica J, Bekah, and TreeTop Services for rounding some up!) and to Mountainside Landscaping, LLC for dropping some more off!

Check out the before & after pics above to see how transformative the hard work was!

Thank You to Our Donors

Another huge thank you goes to our generous donors and supporters! Thanks to all of you, we have gathered enough supplies and funds for Phase 1! We received easels and cushions from our Amazon Wishlist and surpassed our GoFundMe goal, raising $715! Amazing!

FYI on Tents

We learned that we cannot use pop-up tents at the two full-sun, non-garden sites as we had originally planned. The two tents we purchased are being returned and the funds ($200) returned to the pool of funds earmarked for this project. Most of the sites are either in shade part of the day or will soon be fully shaded by trees (once their leaves fill in), so there are still a range of sites with shade to choose from.

Next Steps

In the next few weeks, we will gather teacher feedback and plan our next steps as far as what additional supplies may be needed and how we might decorate the sites. Stay tuned for an update.

Any unspent funds from this campaign will be earmarked for future outdoor learning spaces efforts as well as considerations for expanding outdoor play equipment. Looking ahead at next year and beyond, we hope to create more exploratory spaces outside that could encourage more nature-based learning, in collaboration with JVF administration and teachers. Thanks so much again to all our supporters!

Get Involved

Please let us know if you have any questions, or ideas, or want to join the Outdoor Learning Spaces committee!

Thank you and see you outside!

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